We’ll always have Scrabble.

So my last two posts weren’t… you know, the happiest entries ever and I feel bad about that. I want to make it up to you by breaking up the sadness with a little bit of happiness as well.

Well as you know if you’ve read my “Blog Introduction” entry you’d know that I am currently on summer break from college staying with my grandparents. This hasn’t been the greatest couple of days or month really because I am desperately trying to find a job and it’s been ridiculously hard. However, there has been one thing that has been really nice about staying at my grandparents and that is being able to play scrabble with my grandmother.

Now listen, I know that sounds lame as fuck and guess what, I know it is. Playing scrabble with your grandmother on Friday night is not exactly what most would call fun or a wild night out. In fact staying at home is enough to make someone be like what the fuck? But here’s the thing. In 20 years, if I’m lucky enough to still have my Nonna around- or even if I don’t, these will be some of the greatest memories I’ll have. Because when I’m 31 married with children and possibly Nonnaless (i.e. Without a Nonna) it won’t matter if I went to the fucking club or movies or whatever. I won’t remember any of that, I’ll say things like “oh, I wish I would have spent more time with her.”

I’ll be mourning more than just the lack of her presence, I’ll also mourn all the moments I didn’t spend with her. I love playing scrabble with her because it allows me to spend time with her, laugh with her, and just enjoy her presence, and that’s better than any other bullshit I could be doing. Especially since I’m a student who doesn’t live close, this summer has given me the amazing opportunity to make up for the time lost.

So whatever, it’s “uncool” now that I love playing scrabble with my Nonna, but in just a few years I will look back at those moments and thank God for them.


About randomvoicesblog

I'm a college student, writer, and social enthusiast. I haven't been normal for nearly 22 years, and I don't plan on starting now. I've decided to start a blog to document my life and to help myself while I'm dealing with the obstacles life throws at me. It is rather simple actually, this blog is meant to be about anything and everything in regards to my life, opinions, and struggles. Some posts might be funny and happy while other not so much- this is just a collection of my inner most personal, dynamic, and random thoughts about myself, society, and humans in general.
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